Junior Showmanship

The GSPCA Junior membership was created as a link between the youth and adults of our breed, with the goal of educating and preparing our young fanciers to become the stewards of the GSP, through the expertise and resources available through the collective knowledge of current GSPCA “regular” members. It was also created as a way to give recognition and better support to the young people who are interested in our breed, regardless of the area of interest. No breed can move ever onward toward perfection without dedicated and prepared young fanciers to take over as the current pillars of the breed step out of activity.

Certificate of Achievement
The GSPCA Juniors Committee will issue a certificate of achievement to GSPCA Junior members who have earned a degree or title on their GSP, achieved a Top 10 ranking in any area of the sport per GSPCA rankings, or who have ranked at all within the calendar year per GSPCA rankings. It is necessary that the Committee be notified of degrees or titles earned.

Competition Statistics
Competition statistics are currently only kept for junior members competing in Junior Showmanship. Juniors who join or renew their GSPCA membership before March 1st of each year will include their ranking points for that entire year. Juniors who join on or after April 1st of each year will only include their ranking points earned during the time period in which their membership was in force.

GSPCA recognizes that all areas of our sport are important and encourages our juniors to participate in every such area as is possible. The Committee is interested in keeping Junior achievement statistics in all other areas of competition and is working on a method of score obtainment for its Juniors. It is likely that these will become self-reported scores for companion, performance, and field events, with verification of the score and Junior handler/ agent coming from AKC Junior Recognition reports. If you are interested in being counted in such standings, please follow procedure for AKC Junior Recognition and retain all show dates and scores to report to GSPCA Juniors Committee at the appropriate time.

Juniors Event Grant
Five hundred dollars ($500) is available for GSPCA Juniors who attend either Westminster or Eukanuba.  This $500 grant will be divided as follows:

  1. Two hundred fifty dollars ($250) available to the highest placed Junior member showing a GSP in the AKC standings.
  2. One hundred fifty dollars ($150) available to the second highest placed Junior member showing a GSP in the AKC standings.
  3. One hundred dollars ($100) available to the third highest placed Junior member showing a GSP in the AKC standings.

A Junior member must attend either Westminster or Eukanuba to be eligible for the cash award.  Requests from those applying need to be sent to the Junior Showmanship Chairman.
If there is a tie, first and second and/or second and third, the award will be divided equally.  If the Junior member highest in the AKC standings does not attend either event, the second highest Junior member in the AKC standings does not receive the first place award and the same applies to the third highest Junior member.

Juniors CoChairs
Val Atkinson & Yvonne Detering

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