H & W Committee Statement on Lupoid Dermatosis (LD) Genetic Test


The GSPCA H&W committee is requesting the assistance of members. Members should send a copy of their Lupoid Dermatosis (LD) PenGenn test results to Dr. Mariana Byndloss, DVM, PhD to help with further clarifications on the test results.

Members who are willing to share the test results should send the following:

  1. Copy of the results from the original and the new LD tests.
  2. Any relevant information about the dog including: if dog is healthy or affected, if any other dogs in the bloodline have had a clinical LD diagnosis, and dog pedigree (if possible).

The information should be sent via email to: LD.test.information@gmail.com

IMPORTANT: No information that will identify the dog or their bloodlines will be shared with other members/public without the owner’s consent.

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