Nominations for NSS Judges

Each year the NSS Executive Committee opens the floor for members to nominate judges for our National Specialty show Conformation, Futurity and Sweepstakes judging. The judges are chosen 3 years in advance. A scribe is entrusted to oversee the process. At the Annual Awards banquet (during the NSS) the top 5 nominees are put in a hat and names are drawn for judging.

Results of the Draw for the 2019 National Specialty Show (Harrisburg, PA)

Regular Classes

1 Laura Myles
2 Brenda L Abraham
3 Margaret S Wilson
     Mr James S Covey
     Christy Douglas-Featherston


1 Diane Stendahl
2 Tracy Duff
3 Becky Feigh


1 Lynn Brooks Rhodes
2 Becky Feigh
3 Diane Stendahl

Official running rules regarding this process can be found here: RUNNING RULES: JUDGE SELECTION

Results of the Draw for the 2020 National Specialty Show (Huron, OH)
Note: since the same three individuals were nominated for both Sweepstakes and Futurity, after the Futurity draw, the first name drawn was removed from the drawing for Sweepstakes.

Regular classes

1 Heather A Brennan
2 Sidney L Marx
3 Susan L Clemons
4 Brenda L Abraham


1 Becky Feigh
2 Dorothea Simberlund


1 Maureen Farley
2 Becky Feigh
3 Dorothea Simberlund

Results of the Draw for the 2021 National Specialty Show (Boise, ID)


1 Maxine Moinier
2 Cheryl (Sherry) Thrall
3 Tracy Duff


1 Cheryl (Sherry) Thrall
2 Ann Claire Lester
3 Tracy Duff
   Maxine Moinier (drawn for Futurity)

Regular classes

1 Brenda L Abraham
2 Paul B. Averill D.V.M.
3 Lorraine W Bisso
    Rita A Bell









NSSEC Scribe:
Marty Cornell
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