• Catalog pages are 5-1/2” x 8-1/2”. We do not accept ads that bleed outside the image areas listed below.
  • FULL PG.: 4-1/2” x 7-1/2” (27 picas x 45 picas)
  • HALF PG.: 4-1/2” x 3-5/8” (27 picas x 22 picas) – no vertical half-page ads.
  • QUARTER PG.:  4-1/2”x 1-3/4” (27 picas x 11 picas) – no vertical quarter-page ads
  • Above image areas must include the border (if applicable).

BaRay Ad Sizes

SUBMISSION OF RAW COPY (we build ad for you).

  • Submit ORIGINAL PHOTOS. Do not submit halftones, tear-sheets, or pages from another publication. These require re-scanning, and quality will be lost.
  • Do not submit photos printed from a personal printer (laserwriter or bubblejet). These will require re-scanning and quality will be poor.
  • Submit copy either typed (preferred), or legibly printed.
  • We have approximately 200 typefaces available. If you have a font/typeface preference, please note these. We will attempt to use your choices, or come as close as we can.
  • We welcome a sketch of how you would like your ad laid out.


Camera-Ready Ads Submitted as hard copy: Our printer requires that each catalog be in one digital file. Therefore, if your camera-ready ad is submitted as hard copy, we will re-scan for placement and some quality will be lost. Camera-ready ads MUST be to image size listed above. If your ad does not conform to this, it is not considered a camera-ready ad and will be rebuilt.

Camera-Ready Ads Submitted on disk: If you would like to submit your camera-ready ad on disk, burn it to disk and mail to the ad chairman along with a proof copy. OR call for instructions on how to send electronically.

Electronic Submissions:

  • Our operating system is Apple Macintosh.
  • Our publishing programs are InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat.
  • Our preferred submission format is Adobe PDF high-resolution (press) quality.  Grayscale or color. We will print what you send (i.e., if you send color, we will print in color and charge accordingly), unless you instruct us to change the file to grayscale.
  • We will also accept ads in .jpg, .tif or .eps format. All ads submitted in .tif or .jpg that contain both type and photos should be saved at 300 pixels/inch resolution.
  • We do accept ads built in Word, but be aware the fonts may default to Times or Arial, unless we happen to have your particular font installed on our computer.
  • We will NOT accept ads built in QuarkExpress, Microsoft Works, Word Perfect, PowerPoint or Publisher.
  • You may build your ad in Word, but you must include the original .tif or .jpg of any artwork/photos that are embedded in the Word document.
  • Build ads to catalog size. Sizes are listed above. Do not build 8-1/2x11. This size is not in proportion to a catalog page. When an 8-1/2x11 ad is downsized to fit the width of a catalog page, the height is almost 2 inches short. If you build your ad to LEGAL size, I can shrink it to fit a catalog page, and it will be in proper proportion. All ads submitted that are not either catalog size or catalog proportions will be rebuilt for publication.
  • Scanning Photos Guidelines: Preferred resolution is 300 pixels/inch for photos only. Scan to size if possible. Save in .tif or .jpg format.
  • Typefaces/Fonts: If you have a distinct typeface for your headline, and you do not have a Mac-compatible font for that typeface, please set your headline and save it as a high-resolution PDF or as a .tif in a separate file.
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