2020 National Specialty Show - Update

September 4, 2019

The NSS Executive Committee has been able to secure a location and dates for our 2020 National Specialty Show.

Location: Pheasant Run Resort
4051 E Main St.
St. Charles, IL 60174

Dates: May 13 to May 16

The complete schedule of events is still being worked out but right now there are plans for a Parent Club Specialty on May 12. Further details will be posted on the website as soon as they are firmed up.

In the meantime - PLEASE hold off contacting Pheasant Run for reservations and/or questions until they have a chance to get their systems set up for us.

2020 National Specialty Show - Update

August 20, 2019

Your GSPCA Board of Directors and the National Specialty Show Executive Committee (NSS EC) would like to make the membership aware of a few developments affecting the 2020 National Specialty Show (NSS).

The Sawmill Creek Resort in Huron, OH,  which we had selected as our 2020 NSS site, was sold earlier this year in July. Despite obvious concerns, the NSS EC was told by the hotel that they would honor previously made commitments. Unfortunately, Sawmill's new management has now communicated to the NSS EC that they will stop holding dog shows after October of this year. The Delegate's second choice site for the 2020 NSS was the Olympic Resort in Oconomowoc, WI which had previously hosted our NSS. It has since closed.

The NSS EC had already done some preliminary work scouting sites for the 2023 NSS, so they were able to utilize that information. They also researched additional sites in Ohio and rest of the Central section. The NSS EC has already identified several viable sites and should have a recommendation for the Board's approval shortly. Once approved, we will announce the updated site to the membership immediately.

Another issue that the NSS EC is working on is identifying a new superintendent for our show. As many of you know, Roy Jones Dog Shows, who has been our Superintendent for the last several years, announced that they are going out of business and will not be available in 2020. The committee has been researching options and we will share that information when a decision is made.

I know the NSS EC is working very hard to ensure we will have a satisfactory replacement site and a superintendent identified with ample time for us all to make our plans for attendance at the 2020 NSS. Please join me in thanking them for acting swiftly on our behalf in this stressful situation.

Sharon Fitzpatrick
GSPCA President