2018 NSS

Hero For Health - Ringside Seat

contact: Karen nauer health@gspca.org

The GSPCA Health & Welfare Committee is excited to announce a limited opportunity for a front row seat at the NSS

Hero for HealthDonor will be recognized as a “Silver Plus Donor” including a front row seat during the NSS with a special chair cover, catalog, Hero for Health pin and a small cooler with water and snacks. 

Donor will also be recognized on the GSPCA Facebook page and the Health & Welfare page of the GSPCA website.  The donation will support the Hemangiosarcoma project / National Specialty Show (60% / 40%).
Only 10 chairs available. 

Hemangiosarcoma InitiativeDue to popular demand, 5 more chairs have been added!


This donation must be paid through the GSPCA PayPal account (below) by 26 April 2019.



Please help the Committee raise $25,000 to donate to Hemangiosarcoma research supported by the AKC Canine Health Foundation! The $25,000 will be matched by the GSPCA for a total of $50,000.
Many of us have lost a beloved GSP to this cancer.   Every donation counts!

For more donation options please CLICK HERE



Hero for Health SH Illo