2018 NSS

Water Test: Thursday, May 3 from 10am - 2pm

contact: Dean goodding NWDirector@GSPCA.org 1-503-758-6058

The GSP Of Idaho is hosting a Water test at the Boise Nationals! The location is only 10 miles from the hotel!

LOCATION: 2421 W Duck Alley Rd, Eagle, ID 83616 [MAP]

There is no running order, so its first come and in order of arrival. Entry forms can be completed on site at NSS with directions to the test site.

You can review the forms on GSPCA site [ HERE ]


A Blank pistol is used at this level. Pigeons will be the birds used.

Ribbons and Certificates will be awarded. It is a $ 20 entry fee. This is a Pass or Fail Test.

Water Testing at 2010 NSS - Gainesville FL Photo by Furry Fotography
GCh Slipstream Full Moon Flyer NRD NA1 "Cosmo" testing for Novice Retrieving Dog at the 2010 GSPCA Nationals in Gainesville, FL. Photo by Furry Fotography