2018 NSS

Agility: Sun & Mon Apr 29 & 30 | PREMIUM

contact: trial chair dave nauer voyagergsp@earthlink.net

Judge - Marianne Diehl

Sunday, April 29

Trial 1: Event #2018149814 All Standard, Premier Standard, JWW, & FAST


CLOSE: APRIL 13, 2018

Monday, April 30

Trial 1: Event #2018149812
German Shorthaired Pointers Excluded
(All Standard, JWW, Premier JWW, & Time 2 Beat)

Trial 2: Event #2018149824
German Shorthaired Pointers Only
This trial will run concurrently with the All Breed Trial)
(All Standard, JWW, Premier JWW, & Time 2 Beat)


Eagle Island State Park
165 S. Eagle Island Pkwy  - Eagle, ID 83616 - MAP/DIRECTIONS

Trial Chair

David Nauer
620 Struthers Loop
CO Springs, CO 80921

Trial Secretary

Desert Mountain Promotions
Suzanne J Belger
994 Lowell Drive
Idaho Falls, ID 83402

NOTE: For the GSP-Only Trial on Monday, 30 April 2018 all GSPs must have an AKC DNA number. Please place the DNA number in the “Variety” box of the entry form.
For the Monday 30 April 2018 trial, All breeds including Canine Partners are eligible but GSPs are excluded for entry – GSPs must enter the GSP-Only Trial on the same date.