Logo Per membership vote in summer of 2016, GSPCA Members in good standing will have the ability to search for other members via the Member Only section of our website. This will be effective March 1, 2017. The contact information that will be available on each member is
  1. Name
  2. City
  3. State
  4. Phone Number
  5. Email Address
  6. Website Address

Each member has the option to hide some or all of your information on your profile. Opting out is the responsiblity of each member - admins will not do this for you. Instructions below:

Click to go to your Profile

Hover over "My Profile" and choose "Edit Profile"

Check to hide ENTIRE profile

Check to hide partial profile

Click to search members (after March 1)

Search Page

Results with Full Information

Results with PARTS of the profile hidden

Results with PARTS of the profile hidden

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