Standard Review Committee, GSPCA Balloting Process, Distribution of Membership List


It has come to the Board of Director’s (BOD) attention that false information has been dispersed to a portion of the GSPCA members concerning (1) the newly formed Standard Review Committee, (2) how ballot issues are presented and counted and (3) how distribution of the membership list is handled.  

The following statements are facts concerning these three areas.

  1. Standard Review Committee Mission Statement:
    The standard review committee is tasked with evaluating the current German Shorthaired Pointer Standard and aligning or clarifying areas to work in conjunction with our new Illustrated Standard. There have been no updates or revisions to the standard since August 1992. It is not the intent of this committee to change anything in the standard. It is the mission of this committee to determine if areas of the standard require clarification or if any descriptions can be simplified. Any revisions will be presented to the membership for a vote. The goal of this committee is to have completed our work by the end of 2016.  

    The committee believes it is logical to include the vote for removing black DQ with any other potential revisions or clarifications that will be presented to the membership.   It is AKC policy that breed standard revisions can only occur every 5 years.

  2. Ballot Voting & Tabulation Procedures
    In 2013, the GSPCA held a vote on various club business matters including whether the membership wanted to add black as an allowable color to the Breed Standard. Each individual initiative, including black, was on its own ballot. The black initiative was color coded on a ballot by itself so that it would be easier to select out for the voting process. No other items were on the black initiative ballot for the accountants to count. 

    The black initiative received more responses than any other item that was included in the vote, including president and the code of ethics.  Both the president and code of ethics were on their own ballots as well. 

    The percentages are only calculated on the number of votes actually received for that initiative.  The black initiative passed with a 58% majority which is shy of the 66% majority required by AKC.  There were 915 votes cast for black - 535 in favor and 380 against.  Those votes were available at the National Specialty Show in 2013 for inspection and review. 

  3. Distribution of and access to GSPCA Membership List Data
    In an attempt to protect the GSPCA membership list from being sold to companies that would contact individual members through unsolicited means, the BOD adopted the following:

    Since 2011, it has been the policy of the Board to NOT release the GSPCA membership list. One exception exists. The BOD will release the membership list, upon request, to anyone running for an officer or board position. The candidate must sign a waiver, agreeing not to share the list further. 

    The following provision exists: If a GSPCA member in good standing wishes to contact the entire membership, upon approval and verification of the content, the GSPCA webmaster will send an email blast to the entire membership.

    In June of 2014, the BOD discussed access to and publication of the membership list and approved the following motion. “On the next ballot, have a question to the membership—if they would like their contact information on the ‘members only’ section of the website with the option to opt-out.” There has not been a ballot issue since this time.


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