Breed Standard Review

8-11-2017: Status of GSP Breed Standard Revisions

The Breed standard ballots have been distributed to all GSPCA members. Please mark your ballots and return to Jensen Accounting & Consulting on or before Friday, September 15, 2017.


5-17-2017: Status of GSP Breed Standard Revisions

The proposed Breed standard revisions can be viewed on The Gazette link published May 17, 2017.


4-17-2017: Status of GSP Breed Standard Revisions

The AKC Board has approved the proposed revisions to the GSP standard for publication in the Secretary’s page of the AKC Gazette which will accompany the minutes of the AKC April Board Meeting.

After it has been published for public comment it will be returned to the AKC Board for approval to ballot at their July Board Meeting.

Once the GSPCA receives word from the AKC BOD after their July meeting, we will then start the process to send out the ballots to the membership for voting.


3-12-2017: Status of Recommended Changes

Thanks Lynn

This looks good, I will prepare to present to the Board at the April meeting for publication.


On Mar 10, 2017, at 6:05 PM, "" <> wrote:

Hello Maribeth,

We have taken the item back to the board and the Breed Standard Review Committee. They have suggested a change to the bite section and the Board has agreed to submit it to you. They also had a few more recommendations. Please find those attached.

Please note, the Proposals 1-5 noted, will be separate items to vote on. This is not a blanket proposal. They will be noted separately, just as we have submitted to you.

Thank you for your recommendations and for your time.

Regards, Lynn Pettinato

GSPCA Corresponding Secretary

2-8-2017: Status of Standard Review

The Breed Standard Review Committee has submitted its recommended changes to AKC. AKC will review the recommendations at its April Delegate Meeting. Pending their response, the ballot will be sent to members.

Renee Lara, BSRC Chair




Marina Renee Lara, DVM

Members: Lucretia Coonrod
Christy Featherston
Dean Gooding
Karen Nauer
Betsy Yates

Mission Statement:

The standard review committee has been tasked with evaluating the current German Shorthaired Pointer Standard, aligning or clarifying areas to work in conjunction of our new Illustrated Standard. There have been no updates or revisions to the standard since August 1992. There is no intent on this committee to change anything in the standard. It is the mission of this committee to determine if areas of the standard require clarification or if any descriptions can be simplified. Any revisions will be presented to the membership for a vote. The goal of this committee is to have completed our work by the end of 2016. 


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