GSPCA Membership: Join Or Pay Dues

GSPCA Membership is from January 1-December 31. BEFORE YOU RENEW! If you need to change your Membership type (example: from Individual to Family) please call Membership Interim Chair Lynn Pettinato at 510-387-5848.

Regular Individual Membership (RS)
Membership number begins with RS
Individual must be 18 years or over.
1 year = $37

Regular Family Membership (RF)
Membership number begins with RF
Family membership is two (2) individuals only living in the
same household, must be 18 years of age or over.
1 year = $42

Foreign Individual Membership (FS) 
(includes Canada)
Membership number begins with FS
An individual must be 18 years or over, living outside of the United States. Foreign Individual - 1 Year = $50

Foreign Family Membership (FF) 
(includes Canada)
Membership number begins with FF
Foreign Family - 1 Year = $55

Merit Membership (MS, MF)
(for those members with 20 years CONSECUTIVE membership)
Membership numbers begin with MS (Merit Single) or MF (Merit Family )
Merit Single - 1 Year = $27
Merit Family- 1 Year = $32

Foreign Merit Membership (FMS, FMF)
(for those members with 20 years CONSECUTIVE membership)
Foreign Merit Membership numbers begin with FMS (Foreign Merit Single) or FMF (Foreign Merit Family)
Foreign Merit Single - 1 Year = $40
Foreign Merit Family- 1 Year = $45

Junior Membership (J)
Membership number begins with J
Juniors must be under 18 years of age, and is a separate membership.
Junior membership is NOT included in the Family membership (RF) 1 year= $10

Local Club Membership (C) 
(for local club Secretaries or Treasurers)
Club Membership numbers begin with C
1 year = $125

New clubs may only apply in writing.

If you prefer to pay by check, download appropriate application or renewal form (editable PDF - fill out on your computer and print). Please make check out to GSPCA. Once your application is complete, mail with payment to:
Cynthia McCracken, Membership Chair
3026 Tidwell Road
Burke, TX 75941-6173

New Puppy Buyer Program

Effective Sept 1, 2016

The GSPCA announces a new membership initiative, the New Puppy Buyer program! Breeders have the opportunity to sign up your new puppy buyers for a complimentary year of GSPCA membership!

Criteria: Breeders must be a GSPCA member in good standing and the new owner must not have been a prior member of GSPCA. Applications must be downloaded from this site and submitted by mail. Applications must be submitted within 6 months of whelp date, and accompanied by a copy of the puppy's AKC litter registration. >>DETAILS


































Interim Membership Chair
Lynn Pettinato
1292 Antrim Dr;
Roseville, CA  95747-7058
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