2017 GSPCA election

Lynn PettinatoCorresponding Secretary: Lynn Pettinato [email Lynn]

Thank you for your consideration of me in the position of corresponding secretary.  It is a fun and challenging position that is ever evolving as the board of directors continues to define and clarify our goals.  This board has accomplished so much in the 4 years that I have been involved. We have been able to complete the illustrated standard, pass the Code of Ethics, and contribute significantly to health studies including epilepsy.  I think that the board of directors has a little more to accomplish and this board has been so cohesive in working together.  Although we do not agree on all items all the time, we can always work together to reach the finish line and support the majority decision.

A bit about me personally.  I am a native Californian, as are my parents.  I have been happily married to my husband Dominic for 28 years.  He and I are very active in our local club, where he currently serves as president and I am the secretary.  Dominic is an AKC Field Trial and Hunt Test judge, and I am the administrator behind the scenes.  We compete in several areas, including walking field trials, hunt test, conformation, rally and obedience.  We have dabbled in tracking, but we run out of time and daylight on some days.  We have 2 children, Joe and Amanda, who live on their own now, but we have 3 GSP’s that live with us, Dani, Tori and Jet. There is no timeline for when they might move out on their own though.  In our spare time, we both like to get outside to walk and run, or inside and do some group fitness. We have been involved with GSP’s since 2000 and members of the GSPCA since 2003.

My goal for the next two years with relation to the parent club is to expand our health and welfare clubs funding of AKC CHF health initiatives.  Personally, I would like to see us work to fund some cancer research. I have lost 2 dogs to cancer, lymphoma and hemangiosarcoma, so this topic is near and dear to my heart. 

Thank you.

Lynn Pettinato



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