2017 GSPCA election

Northeast Director: Ann Michaud [email Ann]

My name is Ann Michaud. I am honored to accept a nomination for the position of NE Director of the GSPCA.

First I’d like to tell you why I’ve decided to pursue this position. I first became a GSPCA member in 2001. Over the past few years I’ve realized that like many Club members I’ve been pretty complacent and uninvolved with Club operations. During the last NSS I spent some time contemplating my role. That was when I committed myself to become involved.

My evolution with GSPS has taken a different path than many long term members. While growing up in cities in Massachusetts my family never had a pet- no cats or dogs. In fact as a child I found dogs to be scary. Obviously I have long moved beyond that.

In 1984, after considerable research, I decided that I needed a dog. More specifically I needed a GSP. Well, fortune was with me. I got my first GSP from a very responsible breeder who took a chance on a completely novice puppy owner. This was the beginning of the journey. Over the past 30 years I’ve had the good fortune to co-breed and co-own some wonderful GSPs: Multiple AKC CH and Hunt titled dogs, a NAVHDA Versatile Champion and multiple NAVDHA NA qualifiers. Thanks to wonderful co-breeders and owners I am an AKC Breeder of Merit and have two NAVHDA Breeder awards. None of this would have been possible without the support and mentorship offered by numerous GSP owners/breeders who have educated and counselled me along the way.

Professionally I have practiced Pharmacy for 40 years in multiple practice settings, usually in a management role. From managing and owning several small independent pharmacies to hospital pharmacy to staff model HMO management (pioneering a Clinical Management role with responsibility for Pharmacy, Lab, Radiology and Visual Services) and chain pharmacy management. My focus has always been on forging effective and efficient teams.

Currently I’m semi-retired. Most recently I’m involved in management consulting for a local restaurant/pub. Analysis of current operations, policies, procedures and training with the goal of fostering a service focused culture within a diverse staffing model has been interesting– understanding the “back-of-the-house” dynamic has led me to a hands on approach. There is nothing like kitchen prep and dishwashing shifts that provide a realistic perspective.

My spouse, Hollie Frost, and I have just relocated to Vermont. We love the mountains, White and Green. Our current dog pack consists of 2 Whippets (14 year old Katagin and 10 year old Callie – our third Senior rescue from Whippet Rescue and Placement) and 4 GSPS (11 year old Bubbles, 6 yr Speckles, 4 yrs Echo and 2&1/2 yrs Rae).

Goals as NE Director:

Work to increase Club member’s confidence in and the transparency of the BOD.

Personally reach out to every new member in the NE region (Phone, Email, and Facebook) to engage them in our myriad venues.

Establish a “Welcome Table” at the NSS. Having heard narratives of GSP owners at their first NSS feeling lost or isolated, I feel reaching out to them is an obvious need.

Thanks for reading.

Feel free to contact me: Boisdunord@aol.com


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