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Liz JenningsSouthwest Director: Elizabeth Jennings [email liz]

By way of a brief re-introduction I am, Elizabeth Jennings (Liz) and I reside in Nunn, Colorado at the north end of the state near Fort Collins. I have a long history with sporting dogs starting in 1970 with Golden Retrievers and migrating to German Shorthaired Pointers in 2001when I “married” into them.
I show or coordinate the showing of our Country Wind shorthairs in the breed ring and run them in Hunt Tests, which is a venue I love. I live in “the middle of nowhere” rural Colorado with my husband (Edderd the Redneck), our two GSPs, two Tennessee Walking Horses, a flock of pigeons, the occasional quail, pheasant, chukar and many wild rabbits.

Currently, I serve on the GSPCA Board of Directors, elected in 2013. I am in an active liaison role to the following committees: Shorthair Journal, Versatility, Hall Of Fame/People and the Communication Committee. My focus has been on the Shorthair Journal and the Communication Committee – getting a new editor and working to improve content. The Communication Committee is working towards ‘branding’ all of the GSPCA publications including the Journal, Website, Yearbook and our Facebook page.

Within the Southwest Region, I try and keep open lines of communication with bi-annual reports to the region membership on what goes on at the twice yearly meetings as well as other minutia ‘of importance’. Moving forward into 2017 & 2018 – if re-elected I have set goals regarding SW Region member clubs – to make specific outreach contacts to each club and provide assistance to each club as requested.

 I can be reached at swdirector@gspca.org or home office 970-897-3304.

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