2020 GSPCA election

North West Director: Dean Goodding [email dean]

My deepest appreciation for the N.W.Regions’ support since 2011.

 When I was elected, I committed to keep members in my region notified by sending out information to help educate and update. I believe education and knowledge empowers us. It makes us aware of what is happening around us, whether the subject is an individual’s accomplishments, health and welfare, or new laws that will affect us, but most importantly the direction that our Club is moving.  I have hopefully filled that commitment since 2011, and am asking for your support for another two years.

My Mission Statement:As a steward of our Breed I feel it is important that we learn from the past, uphold the present and look forward to the future, always mindful of what we can do to improve our breed and the club. I will be accessible to those I represent. I will respectfully listen to your opinion. I will gather and share the ideas from people within local organizations, to pass onto the Board of Directors.  I will be your eyes, ears and voice for the Northwest Region. I will always be committed to having a positive influence on the future of the German Shorthaired Pointer. I will remain neutral and deliver facts as discovered or released.

I am retired, and have been married to my beautiful dog loving wife Patti for 37 years.   We live in Sherwood, Oregon (near Portland).  We began our breeding program in 1986.   

This is my 46th year owning GSP’s. I have been a member of the GSPCA for 34 years.  Before joining the GSPCA I participated in NSTRA events. I belong to 9 different dog clubs. I am a past President and Board member of the GSP Club of Oregon, and am current President of the NW Pointing Dog Assoc. I do volunteer work for Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife by introducing families to bird hunting, and am certified as an Oregon Hunter Safety Instructor.

I have participated with our dogs in the various events listed below:

  •    AKC Field Trials
  •    AKC Hunt Tests
  •    AKC conformation, occasionally handling some of our dogs in the Show ring,
  •    Water retrieving GSPCA and AKC
  •    AKC Canine Good Citizenship
  •    AKC Rally
  •    Temperament Testing
  •    International shows
  •    Canadian Shows
  •    Help with GSP rescue for the local club
  •    Obedience
  •    NAVHDA

Patti and I are AKC Breeders of Merit, and are advocates of health testing.  We love this breed for their temperament, desire to please, natural ability, intelligence, and good health as well as being family oriented. We continue today successfully raising family gun dogs that are true to the breed standards.  

I judge AKC hunt tests, field trials, and AKC and GSPCA water tests, as well as Canadian field dog tests.  I have enjoyed judging in 11 different states and Canada. These assignments have helped me understand the challenges of different geographical terrains, conditions and training, as well as how people can view rules differently, depending where they live.  I have been fortunate to have over 200+ judging assignments that I’m thankful for being asked to judge and share my perspective of what I see.

I believe that in order to keep our breed “Healthy and Versatile” we need to support field, conformation and other interactive events.  I am interested in discussing the introduction of new testing levels and/or reinstating past testing in both the field and show ring.   I will continue to support the Health and Welfare Committee and follow their recommendations for research that affects our breed.

We need to keep focused on the positive future of the GSP breed.  Club business should always be conducted with that goal in mind. 

I look forward to the future and request your support by allowing me to represent our region on the GSPCA Board of Directors. 



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