2020 GSPCA election

East Central Director: Becky Feigh [email becky]

For those who are new members, please let me introduce myself. My name is Becky Feigh and I am just finishing up my first term as East Central Director.  I reside in Carmel, Indiana with my husband and fur family.  I bought my first GSP from White River Shorthairs, Char Rutar, in the spring of 1996 after meeting her at a show.  That chance meeting at a show 25 years ago has turned into a love affair with the German Shorthaired Pointer breed ever since.  My husband and I joined the GSPCA in 1998 and the GSPC of Indiana.   I attended my first National Specialty Show (NSS) in 1998 and since then have only missed two Nationals. In my spare time, I am active in AKC Hunt Tests, Conformation, Obedience, Rally, and more recently AKC’s new Scent Work program. I am also active with our local 4H County Dog Project for the last 19 years.  I am proud to say I personally handle and train my own dogs in all of the events our family participates in with some good successes and some not so good outcomes! I will admit firsthand that my Shorthairs have gotten the best of me more than a few times!


My first two years have been very rewarding and active on the Board! As a Board of Director (BOD) I am also the BOD Liaison for the National Executive Show Committee, Health & Welfare Committee, Registry of Merit and more recently the Website.  My focus this last year has been helping the Health & Welfare Committee coordinate their new initiatives and fundraising activities with the BOD and assist the NSSEC in locating a new show venue not once but twice  last year!  One of the reasons I was interested in running for the board is to improve the transparency of activities going on within the GSPCA.  I started working on accomplishing this task by sending out newsletter updates to members of the EC Section.  The updates provide brief overviews of GSPCA activities, upcoming events and important date reminders.  The newsletter also includes a little brag section where members of the EC section can share some of their dog’s successes.


I would like to continue to be part of the solution to bring the GSPCA forward in a more positive united direction.   My goals for the next two years is to continue to help the Health & Welfare Committee to expand, continue to assist the NSSEC to put on an event that truly showcases our breed while still being fiscally responsible, and work the Juniors Committee to expand the reach and to encourage more involvement with Junior members.  The membership has wonderful very talented individuals that I believe can help make the club even better.  The trick is to get them more involved and bring the passion back to our breed.  I want to be the voice for my region and be able to bring comments, questions or concerns from my regional members and Local Clubs to the GSPCA Board.  I would welcome the opportunity to again represent the East Central Section- Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee and would greatly appreciate your support!


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