2018 GSPCA election

Vice President: Christy Featherston [email Christy]

My Name is Christy Douglas-Featherston; a current GSPCA Board Member of eight years.   I am running for Vice President from the floor.  I believe that a Vice President should work to move forward the agendas of the membership and the President rather than working to move their own agenda forward.  My well rounded history and experience as a “worker bee” makes me the best candidate to serve both our membership and our president.  I am prepared and available to serve our current President and any future President elected in 2019.

In the past we seem to have had an issue with the Board micro-managing our events and committees. It has been one of my goals and will remain a priority to do a better job of supporting our committees while verifying that we follow the clubs rules and Constitution and By Laws.

To ensure the future of our club we must encourage members to volunteer to serve. If elected, I will work towards a club that has no need of any BOD member being on a committee to fill a seat or get the job done with the exception of those positions mandated by our Constitution and By Laws.

I believe that new ideas and energy are important to keep a club moving forward. I also believe that well rounded, unbiased experience is important. Some of my GSPCA service and personal history includes the following.

NFT Hospitality: Five years ago I attended my first GSPCA National Field Trial as an observer. I fell in love with everything about our NFT, and volunteered to help where I could. For the past four years I have served as the Hospitality Lady. I believe I have done well at helping the NFT committee better organize the hospitality at our premier Field event.

Annual Awards Committee: I have been a “worker bee” for several years by assisting our President, Gene Moseley and Christin Swinford at The NSS and NFT awards banquettes to present the awards slide show in an organized and timely manner.

Judges Education Chair: Changes made during my tenure include a more inclusive ringside mentor program along with adding field footage and explanation to help new judges understand why judging to our standard is important for maintaining the hunting function of the GSP. For now this is the closest thing we have to getting them into the field to see for themselves.

GSPCA Bronze at the Bird Dog Museum: The project most visual in the bird dog world is the GSP statue and wall at the Bird Dog Museum. We have much yet to do on the GSPCA wall in the Museum.

Breed Standard Review Committee: My service on this committee was far and above my most frustrating and eye opening experiences. This experience cemented in my mind the importance of our checks and balances allowing the membership to rule our standard.

  • Lifelong avid upland game hunter
  • Bred multiple Bench Champions, including an All- Breed Best in Show, 1995 National Specialty Show Winners Bitch top twenty dogs and multiple BISS winners.   Master Hunters, Senior Hunters etc. 
  • Hunt Test Judge for many years including judging for the German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America.
  • AKC Conformation judge at multiple National Specialty Shows including the 2010 GSPCA National Specialty Show
  • Held various positions on both breed and all breed clubs.
  • Currently the Show Chair for my local All-Breed Club and the GSPCA EC Director 

My experience helps make me the best candidate to help move the club forward for all members. I hope I have your support as our next Vice President. Your vote is the most important way to make your voice heard. I am always happy to make myself available to listen or answer questions from any member. I can be reached by email at artemisgsp@aol.com or by phone at (317) 538-9482.

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